Often enough, general knowledge of pool and billiard tables will prevent a quick decision to be regrettable later. Here at Recroomonline.com, we understand the apprehension with making an initial investment for one of our great tables, sight unseen. We now present a sort of how-to guide on why you will want to work with us to fulfill your dreams.


Artisan Crafted

To conserve costs, most billiard table manufacturers ship their tables in pieces and have them assembled off site. For maximum quality, we have a trained staff assemble the frame and cabinet at our factory and then ship it. You can rest assured that your furniture table was crafted completely by the finest of professionals. All have passed rigorous standards for reliability and knowledge and have backgrounds in the industry.

To ensure the dynamics of design are not compromised during assembly, absolutely no weight is ever supported by hardware. The table is crafted the "old fashioned way", utilizing only time-tested wood joinery methods throughout the construction process.

B.C.A. Specifications

The Billiard Congress of America is the governing body that regulates the billiard industry. All Factory Outlet billiard tables meet or exceed the stringent BCA specifications and guidelines. We are members in good standing with the BCA and work hard to conform to their impeccable standards.

Furniture Finish & Woods

The meticulously created wood stain finishes emphasize the natural warmth and beauty inherent in each wood species. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes commercial sanding equipment as well as custom made tools to prepare the components for stain.

Recroomonline.com realizes that in order for a piece of furniture to have a great finish, the product must be properly prepared. Each of our conform to the most rigorous specifications and have been put through close, professional inspections so that they may free of the defects subject to lower standards of other companies..

Hardwood lumber, strong and sturdy with the distinctive grain patterns that offer lasting beauty, has been the preferred material for fine furniture, flooring, cabinetry and millwork for many decades. Solid hardwoods have the integrity that only their natural origin can provide. No man-made material can duplicate hardwood's warmth, character and authenticity. Recroomonline.com are built exclusively of hardwoods, containing no artificial materials such as pressed board, laminated wood, veneers, particleboard or plywood.

The characteristics of hardwoods allows it to be more intricately carved, bent and turned than other materials. Hardwoods surpass substitute materials in their ability to hold nails and screws. They withstand stresses, loads, shock and abrasion. Hardwood manufacturing techniques such as dovetail or tongue-and-groove joints utilize the strength of wood itself and do not depend on metal or hardware that can bend or loosen. Naturally distinctive hardwoods maintain a beautiful, trouble free finish that becomes even more beautiful with age and offers lasting value.

Leather Billiard Ball Pockets

Leather billiard ball pockets are custom designed for every model to provide the complimentary accent to a refined piece of furniture. We offer many different designs to conform to your tastes or surrounding decor, whether it be contemporary to Old World Antique. If we don't have it, rest assured we will go out of our way to find it for you.

Table Legs & Support

It's hard not to notice the symmetry and design of an finely crafted billiard leg. They are designed to enhance the overall look rather than just provide support. To create your leg, custom select hardwoods are bonded grain against grain for maximum strength and support.

Solid carved legs are mounted by dropping a 3/8x8" machine bolt deep into the center of the leg where it threads into a sunken anchor; hollow legs are mounted with a shorter bolt that fastens to a threaded metal bracket. All of our legs are adjusted into position through a slotted opening, then secured by tightening against a domed washer with serrated edges.

Our design takes advantage of the meticulously machined one-piece post leg and allows all of the cabinet weight to rest directly on the leg shelf. All other manufacturers hang the panels on the leg with a dowel or bolt which cannot support the weight or keep the slate level. We insure your investment will stand the test of time and the occasional body weight laying across for the 3 bank eight ball in the side.

Most manufacturers use a thin sheet of plywood as a platform for the slate. With a frame that may be only 3/4" or 1" thick, often made of laminated wood and veneered, it is impossible for them to drop the cross members into a dado cut as you see on the left. There isn't enough thickness in the cabinet to do that. Instead, they glue or staple two blocks of wood to the inside of the cabinet wall and run a bolt through the wooden blocks and cross member to keep the crossmember in place. Making a virtue of necessity, they then trumpet the fact that their crossmembers are bolted to prevent the frame from spreading!


"Magna-Board" is a smooth, seamless surface designed to utilize the cabinet, to provide unparalleled slate bed support. Recroomonline.com utilizes twin one-piece center beams to keep the cabinetry square and true forever. These cross laminated beams interlock to one another and are then mortised into all four cabinet side walls to prevent any cabinet warping or twisting.
We select only the finest raw materials to begin your masterpiece. Our Quality Control department pays particular attention in matching grain patterns and alternating growth rings to create a beautiful canvas that will stand the test of time.


Top and bottom rails are fashioned from BCA approved, solid hardwoods strengthened by T-nut rail construction, which eliminates movement and provides precise alignment. Add our Rumble Mount Cushions and you are guaranteed consistent, more accurate play.

To create the finest quality billiard rail, two pieces of dissimilar wood species are glued together; this produces a solid rail that will not split, crack or cup.

The mounting system allows our factory-trained installers to position and properly torque the rails to the slate surface, insuring crisp, clean and accurate rebounds, shot-after-shot. Go ahead and give them a bounce!

Precision rail tolerances and 100% natural gum rubber cushions deliver the rebound accuracy demanded by tournament professionals. Interlocking blinds are dadoed and permanently bonded to the table rails, completing the custom furniture build which dramatically increases the table's durability and overall appearance.

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