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Color: Mahagony
Made In:   China
Length:   12''
Weight:   1200 Lbs.
Features:   -Underframe supports not only the outer edges of the slate but also the centre using special adjustable bearers, a feature absent on most of its competitors.
-The slate is precision ground and subjected to careful scrutiny to ensure extreme accuracy.
-Cushion rails are made from the same high quality thick sectioned mahoganies and fitted with only the best cushion rubbers.
-Bed and cushions are covered in the finest quality 100% pure wool English cloth.
-Pocket plates are covered with specially moulded, genuine leather and fitted with snooker rail pockets with real brass fittings.
-Polished to the standard demanded by its distinguished name. Durable polishes are applied carefully, layer upon layer, to enhance the natural figure in the woodgrain.
-Premium 21 oz Cloth in 10 colors
-Simonis cloth availible for extra charge
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Cabinet and Hardware
The Solid Mahagony cabinet is 1 1/4 inches thick. A sturdy 4 1/2" Solid Hardwood center beam runs the length of the table and double cross beams tie the sides of the cabinet together. All of the connections within the cabinet are secured with steel hanger brackets pre-threaded steel receivers recessed into the cabinet. The Cherry Finish of this table is hand rubbed; sanded, sealed and then a pre-catalyzed lacquer is applied for a long lasting depth, sheen and beauty.

Leg Style
The solid wood legs are hand carved and attach to the cabinet via a unique solid steel bracket. The steel bracket is bolted to the cabinet and legs with steel bolts and pre-threaded receivers recessed into the cabinet. This provides for uncompromising strength and rigidity.

Pockets and Slate
Genuine Leather Pockets wrapped around a die cast iron core for beauty and durability. The balls are held in a leather drops to easily accessable wire frame ball holders.

1” Slate
Veneto always uses 3 piece, oversized Slate, diamond honed and perfectly matched. This provides a consistent and absolutely level playing surface. This is the same slate used in tables our competitors sell for $1000'S MORE.

All of our tables are shipped with 21oz.
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Our tables are shipped with Basic Accessories. Including. Premium Ball set, Plastic 15 and 9 Ball Racks, Two 2 Piece Cues with Linen Wrap, 2 Piece Bridge Stick with bridge head, Table Brush, Table cover, 12 piece Chalk, Chalk Holders.
Deluxe Accessories are available as an upgrade for only $79.99

Deluxe Naugehyde Covers are available to protect your table for just $49.99




So Why buy one of our Tables?
Uniform Support Structure
Offering the utmost in style and support. Solid hardwood wide-profile top rails provide an elegant furniture appearance. For an exact fit, aprons are attached at our Utilizing a grid framework used where two cross beams 1 1/2" thick run the width of the table. This method of construction ensures maximum stability. Rest assured, the Uniframe support system was engineered with strength and longevity in mind. Showcasing beautiful, hand-crafted solid hardwood cabinets that are reverse-grained and laminated to resist the natural tendency of wood to warp or twist. In addition, to promote a flawless installation, cabinets are assembled, pre-leveled and squared at our factory.
Diamond Sights
Exhibiting not only functionality, but form. Genuine mother-of-pearl inlayed diamond sights are an elegant compliment to all of our styles.
Sporting great legs the corner system is the foundation on which everything else depends. The highest quality craftsmanship incorporates over-sized, mortised (recessed) leg connecting stop block timbers.
The Finest Slate
Promising a level playing ground. Just below the surface of every Westwood table lies the highest quality, purest, diamond-honed slate available anywhere on Earth. The three-piece, oversized one-inch (1") slate is matched and diamond-honed to a flatness far exceeding the BCA's requirements creating a smooth, even and consistent playing surface on every table. The slate rests on a 3/4" slated-liner made of hardwood that is precision-cut, milled, and laminated, providing a quieter game, tighter cloth installation, and a truer playing surface that will endure the test of time.
Rail System

Offering the utmost in style and support. Solid hardwood wide-profile top rails provide an elegant furniture appearance. For an exact fit, aprons are attached at our factory. The floating nut plate secures the rail and apron to the slate bed with unyielding torque strength; allowing for exact alignment.

The cushions are made from Billiard Congress of America tournament-approved 100% natural gum rubber with no fillers or stabilizers added. They are molded to a k-66 profile with control-fabric backing. This backing ensures that the rubber permanently adheres to the wood and that the felt does not loosen or move, allowing for a maximum speed on each shot. Solid hardwood sub-rails are designed to deliver optimal ball response. They are reverse grained and laminated to add weight and density, thus resisting the balls impact and allowing for the cushion to absorb and react to the energy transference. In addition, the cloth relief lets the rail system securely lay flush to the slate for added symmetry as well as strength.


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