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Models:   • Regulation full size 32" x 48" x 3/4" slate.
• Each table is crafted with the finest one piece slate.
• Quality cabinet grade plywood construction.
• Separate ball return system.
• Modular coin box housing designed for simple service and replacement.
• Dual steel slate supports provided reliable flat level playing surface.
• Double rollers on ball release provide smoother action, less wear and down time.
• Dome shake-proof washers on railbolts, corners and slate supports for a tight and fast play.
• Custom color cloth available.
• Accessory package included.
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The only difference between the coin operated version and the non coin version is that coin operated tables have a coin mechanism and requires money to play. When you put the quarters in the coin mech, the balls are released from the dump bar mechanism. When the balls is hit into the pocket, the ball rolls down the subway system inside the table and is held in the dump bar mechanism. A Non-Coin is built the exact same way as a coin but doesn't have the dump bar mech or a coin mech. The balls are returned to one end of the table when you can get access to them anytime.

Optional Accessories (call for more info)

Change the color of the table from its original Light Oak to either Mahogany or Black.

All the original Chrome trim is changed over to Gold trim. This includes the corners, extruded corners, and trim molding.


Reduce the price of the table by utilizing a drop pocket system instead of a ball return system.

Add a Pool Table lift to your order that will ship with the table, saving you shippping costs. Setup and moving the table will be quick and easy.

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