List Price: $4500.00 - $6800.00
Our Price:  

8' $3700.00
9' $4000.00
10' $4400.00
12' $5100.00

FREE SHIPPING, No Tax (Except for California Residents)

Call for delivery times...On average 3-4 weeks

Models:   Available in 8', 9', 10', and 12' foot models
Natural European Slate in all models (call for MM measure)
Customer Rating:

The Konrad billiard by Kaldera is a bold new statement for your recreation room. Dramatic curves and a deep, penetrating black stain give this table a huge statement. Definitely for one that wants the eyes to focus in on this black beauty when they enter the room! Absolutely stunning! Of course, accented by the patented leather drop pockets and Kaldera signature quality, this is a gem among the ordinary and one worthy of your dollar.

Check out the beveled poster legs accenting the antique quality of the overall design. This also shows the Snooker Drop pocket feature on our 12 foot model

SERGEJ JERMAKOV - the absolute champion of pool and Russian pyramide in Lithuania, world vice - champion of 1998 Moscow pyramide:
"It is a professional table, satisfying the highest requirements"


About Kaldera

Kaldera is an Lithuanian company established in 1991 made to produce American pool tables, European Snooker Tables, and Russian Pyramid Tables. We are the first to import these fine tables for the American consumer. The company has 40 employees with a myriad of expertise in the pool table making business. Their facility, newly built, implores the latest technologies and the finest high quality materials money can buy to manufacture original looking billiard tables and accessories. The majority of their tables are used in Russia's finest pool parlours as well as the markets of Greece, Germany, Estonia, and Latvia.

The tables themselves are built using hardened wooden frames and thick, solid legs to ensure accuracy and durability on the playing surface. The timber used is selected high mountain Russian Oaks and Maples, renowned in its strength and beautiful finish. Laminates are made with a mixture of the same wood shavings and a secret polypurene ideal for the person looking for that same durability but tight on the money. The fabric covering the tables is made by renowned European facilities Ivan Simonis, Gorina and others.

All Kaldera pool tables, be they American Standard or Russian Pyramid Standard, conform to the technical specifications and requirements set by both European and Russian Billiard Federations.

Custom made Kaldera tables can be made in a variety of colors, sizes, and even game types.


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