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Color: Aluminum with Green Felt
Made In:   USA
Length:   78"
Width:   44"
Height:   31"
Weight:   650 Lbs.
Features:   -High-tech composite exterior is water-resistant and UV-resistant
-Cloth will not lose color brightness, deteriorate or mildew for up to 3 years
-2-tone design looks great on your patio or deck, or indoors
-Sturdy panel legs include feet levelers
-Rubber cushions provide lively ball bounce
-Table ships preassembled, simply attach legs and start playing
-2-year warranty on table
Customer Rating:
The Super Table™ vs. Other Outdoor Tables
The Mizerack Super Table
Other Outdoor Tables
Rails - the only compression molded rubber rails in the world made specifically to withstand the elements.
- Use K-66 rubber rails (ordinary indoor rails) that harden with cold weather or become sluggish in hot weather.
Surface - thick, durable outdoor fabric that doesn't fade or show signs of age and plays like felt.
- Paper thin fabric that wears out quickly and plays too fast. Use of a cheaper felt will cause more spin and less control than indoor tables
Bed - high density, reinforced fiber cement substrate that is completely weather proof.
- Composites or particle board products that warp and swell with moisture. Even a small bit of water will have dire consequences toward future play
Construction - UV protected fiberglass facias and frame with rotationally molded thermoset polyethylene legs.
- Aluminum frames that will white rust and corrode or vinyl which will crack and tear.
Cost - absolutely the least expensive and the best buy for your money
- Very high priced.

Construction Materials Used and Assembly Time Required
Construction Materials Used Assures You of No Rust Problems

1.) Under Chasis: UV Protected Fiberglass Pultrusion.
2.) Legs are rotationally molded polyethylene with UV additives.
3.) The corners are constructed with powder coated stainless steel and die cast aluminum parts. All fasteners are stainless steel.
4.) Bed is constructed of 5/8" thick high impact, high density reinforced fiber cement substrate that will not warp, buckle or twist. This material is commonly used for exterior construction in many extreme conditions.
5.) Billiard Congress of America approved.
6.) Little assembly required. 10-15 minutes to attach legs and level table with adjustable feet.


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